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Chart Industries, Inc. (Chart) is a leading independent global manufacturer of highly engineered cryogenic equipment servicing multiple applications in the industrial gas and clean energy markets. The company provides product and technology solutions to advance clean power, clean water, clean food and clean industrials in its unique offering for the Nexus of Clean. The company’s unique product portfolio is used in every phase of the liquid gas supply chain, including upfront engineering, service and repair. Being at the forefront of the clean energy transition, Chart is a leading provider of technology, equipment and services related to liquefied natural gas, hydrogen, biogas, CO2 Capture and water treatment, among other applications. With 29 global manufacturing locations from the United States to Asia, India and Europe, the company maintains accountability and transparency to its team members, suppliers, customers and communities.

The company’s primary customers are large, multinational producers and distributors of hydrocarbon and industrial gases and their end-users. The company sells its products and services to more than 2,500 customers worldwide, having developed long-standing relationships with leading companies in the gas production, distribution, and processing industries, as well as those involved in liquefied natural gas (LNG), chemicals and industrial gasses. The company’s well-established relationships extend to truck manufacturers in addition to those in other clean energy industries, such as biofuels, hydrogen and CO2 capture. The company’s customers include Linde, Air Liquide, IVECO, Air Products, Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Chick-fil-A, New Fortress Energy, Samsung, United Launch Alliance, and Blue Origin.

The company has an established sales and customer support presence across the globe with manufacturing operations in the United States, Asia, India, and Europe.

Segments, Applications and Products

The company operates through Cryo Tank Solutions, Heat Transfer Systems, Specialty Products and Repair Service & Leasing segments.

Cryo Tank Solutions segment, which has principal operations in the United States, Europe and Asia, serves geographic regions around the globe, supplying bulk, microbulk and mobile equipment used in the storage, distribution, vaporization, and application of industrial gases and certain hydrocarbons.

Heat Transfer Systems segment, with principal operations in the United States and Europe, also serves geographic regions globally, supplying mission critical engineered equipment and systems used in the separation, liquefaction, and purification of hydrocarbon and industrial gases that span gas-to-liquid applications.

Operating globally, the company’s Specialty Products segment supplies products used in specialty end-market applications, including hydrogen, LNG, biofuels, CO2 Capture, food and beverage, aerospace, lasers, cannabis and water treatment, among others.

Repair, Service & Leasing segment provides installation, service, repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of cryogenic products globally in addition to providing equipment leasing solutions. All prior period amounts presented have been reclassified based on the company’s segments.

Cryo Tank Solutions

Cryo Tank Solutions designs and manufactures cryogenic solutions for the storage and delivery of cryogenic liquids used in industrial gas and LNG applications. With operations in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia, the company’s Cryo Tank Solutions segment serves customers globally.

Industrial Gas Applications

The company designs and manufactures bulk and packaged gas cryogenic solutions for the storage, distribution, vaporization, and application of industrial gases. The company’s products span the entire spectrum of industrial gas demand from small customers requiring cryogenic packaged gases to large users requiring custom engineered cryogenic storage systems in both mobile and stationary applications. Using sophisticated vacuum insulation technology, the company’s cryogenic storage systems are able to store and transport liquefied industrial gases and hydrocarbon gases at temperatures from 0° Fahrenheit to temperatures nearing absolute zero. Industrial gas applications include any end-use of the major elements of air (nitrogen, oxygen, and argon), including manufacturing, welding, electronics and medical. Principal customers for industrial applications are global industrial gas producers and distributors. Other end-users of the company’s equipment include chemical producers, manufacturers of electrical components, health care organizations and companies in the oil and natural gas industries.

LNG Applications

The company supplies cryogenic solutions for the storage, distribution, regasification, and use of LNG. LNG may be utilized as an alternative to other fossil fuels, such as diesel, propane, or fuel oil in transportation or off pipeline applications. Examples include transit bus transportation, locomotive propulsion, marine, and power generation in remote areas. The company refers to its LNG distribution products as a Virtual Pipeline, as the traditional natural gas pipeline is replaced with cryogenic distribution to deliver the gas to the end-user. The company supplies cryogenic trailers, ISO containers, bulk storage tanks, loading facilities, and regasification equipment specially configured for delivering LNG into Virtual Pipeline applications. The company sells LNG applications around the world from various Eastern and Western Hemisphere facilities to numerous end-users, energy companies, and gas distributors. Additionally, the company supplies large vacuum insulated storage tanks as equipment for purchasers of standard liquefaction plants sold by its Heat Transfer Systems segment.

Heat Transfer Systems

Heat Transfer Systems facilitates major natural gas, petrochemical processing, petroleum refining, power generation and industrial gas companies in the production or processing of their products. With primary manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. and Europe, Heat Transfer Systems serves customers globally. This segment supplies mission critical engineered equipment and technology-driven process systems used in the separation, liquefaction, and purification of hydrocarbon and industrial gases that span most gas-to-liquid applications.

Natural Gas Processing (including Petrochemical) Applications

The company provides natural gas processing solutions that facilitate the progressive cooling and liquefaction of hydrocarbon mixtures for the subsequent recovery or purification of component gases. Primary products used in these applications include brazed aluminum heat exchangers, cold boxes, pressure vessels, Core-in-Kettle and air cooled heat exchangers. The company’s brazed aluminum heat exchangers allow producers to obtain purified hydrocarbon by-products, such as methane, ethane, propane, and ethylene, which are commercially marketable for various industrial or residential uses. The company’s cold boxes are highly engineered systems that incorporate brazed aluminum heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and interconnecting piping used to significantly reduce the temperature of gas mixtures to liquefy component gases so that they can be separated and purified for further use in multiple energy, industrial, scientific, and commercial applications. Chart’s air cooled heat exchangers are used to cool or condense fluids to allow for further processing and for cooling gas compression equipment. The company’s process technology includes standard and modular plant solutions and comprises detailed mechanical design, Chart manufactured proprietary equipment and all other plant items required to liquefy pipeline quality natural gas. Customers for the company’s natural gas processing applications include large companies in the hydrocarbon processing industry, as well as engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors.

The company has several competitors for its heat exchangers and fans, including many smaller fabrication-only facilities around the world.

LNG Applications

The company provides process technology, liquefaction capabilities, and independent mission critical equipment for the liquefaction of natural gas (LNG), including small to mid-scale facilities, floating LNG applications, and large base-load export facilities. The company is a leading supplier to EPC firms where it provides equipment and process technology, providing an integrated and optimized approach to the project. These Concept-to-Reality process systems incorporate many of Chart’s core products, including brazed aluminum heat exchangers, Core-in-Kettle heat exchangers, cold boxes, air cooled heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and pipe work. These systems are used in global LNG projects, for both local LNG production, as well as LNG export terminals. The company’s proprietary IPSMR (Integrated Pre-cooled Single Mixed Refrigerant) and IPSMR+ liquefaction process technology offers lower capital expenditure requirements than competing processes measured on a per ton of LNG produced basis.

HVAC, Power and Refining Applications

The company’s air cooled heat exchangers and axial cooling fans are used in HVAC, power and refining applications. The company’s air cooled heat exchangers are used in each phase of the refining process to condense and cool gases and fluids. Worldwide power use is projected to grow 50% through 2050. This growth is focused in regions where strong economic growth is driving demand, particularly in Asia.

Specialty Products

Specialty Products supplies highly-engineered equipment and process technologies used in specialty end-market applications for hydrogen, LNG, biofuels, CO2 Capture, food and beverage, aerospace, lasers, cannabis and water treatment, among others. Leveraging the company’s global manufacturing presence Specialty Products serves customers globally. The company has made a number of acquisitions over the past three years to capitalize on clean power, clean industrials, clean water and clean food, beverages and agriculture market opportunities within this segment. These include the acquisitions of BlueInGreen, LLC, Sustainable Energy Solutions, Inc., Cryogenic Gas Technologies, Inc., L.A. Turbine, AdEdge Holdings, LLC and Earthly Labs Inc.

The company supplies a wide range of solutions used in the production, storage, distribution and end-use of hydrogen while also providing highly-specialized mobility and transportation equipment for use with both hydrogen and LNG, including onboard vehicle tanks and fueling stations. More specifically, the company’s horizontal LNG vehicle tanks are widely used onboard heavy-duty trucks and buses while its recently-released liquid hydrogen vehicle tank enjoys many of the same characteristics. Chart also manufactures specialized cryogenic railcars used to transport not only LNG, but a number of other gaseous and liquid molecules. Additionally, the company designs and manufactures nitrogen dosing products and other equipment used in packaging, as well as the food and beverage industry. These applications include processing, preservation and beverage carbonation.

The company’s water treatment technology is also offered through the Specialty Products segment. Serving both municipal and industrial end markets globally, its water treatment process technology utilizes Chart’s cryogenic storage and vaporization equipment to efficiently deliver dissolved oxygen, CO2 and ozone into water. The company’s technology is used for oxygenation, pH adjustment, oxidation and odor control with modular and mobile solution options. Additional water treatment capabilities include but are not limited to adsorption, filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and flow reversal processes, to name a few. The company’s expanded solution set effectively addresses a wide range of organic and inorganic contaminants including arsenic and per- and polyfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS), often referred to as forever chemicals. Other equipment and technology offered through Specialty Products have applications in CO2 Capture, space and cannabis industries. The company also offers cryogenic components, including turboexpanders, vacuum insulated pipe (VIP), specialty liquid nitrogen, or LN2, end-use equipment and cryogenic flow meters.

The company designs and manufactures solutions for the liquefaction, storage, distribution, regasification and use of hydrogen. The company supplies ISO containers and transport trailers for both gaseous and liquid hydrogen, in addition to fuel stations and other fueling solutions. The company also manufactures various types of heat exchangers for hydrogen applications, including brazed aluminum, air-cooled and shell and tube varieties.

Demand for many of the company’s specialty applications, including hydrogen is primarily driven by the global, public and private sector movement towards a lower-carbon footprint, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and overall sustainability trends.

Repair, Service & Leasing

Repair, Service & Leasing segment provides installation, service, repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of the company’s products globally in addition to providing equipment leasing solutions. With primary operations in the United States and Europe, the company’s Repair, Service & Leasing segment serves customers globally. The company has made a number of acquisitions over the years to expand its global footprint including CSC Cryogenic Service Center AB, Skaff, LLC and VCT Vogel GmbH.

To support the products and solutions the company sells, its Repair, Service & Leasing segment offers services through the entire lifecycle of its products, which is unique and unparalleled in the markets it serves. The company’s focus is to build relationships with plant stakeholders, from process and mechanical engineers to operations and maintenance personnel, focusing on the optimized performance and lifespan of Chart proprietary equipment. Aftermarket services include extended warranties, plant start-up, parts, 24/7 support, monitoring and process optimization, as well as repair, maintenance, and upgrades. The company performs plant services on equipment, including brazed aluminum heat exchangers, cold boxes, etc.

The company also installs, services, maintains and refurbishes bulk and packaged gas cryogenic solutions for the storage, distribution, vaporization, and application of industrial gases. With multiple service locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, the company is not only service Chart products, it also services numerous other manufacturers. The company provides services for storage vessels, VIP, reconfiguration, relocation, trailers, ISO containers, vaporizers, and other gas to liquid equipment.

Additionally, the company offers a variety of leasing options on certain types of Chart equipment, providing its customers with the flexibility to quickly respond to seasonal or sudden increases in demand with similar flexibility when existing equipment is being repaired or refurbished. The company offers short and long-term operating leases, as well as lease to own options with up to a ten-year term. Typical equipment the company offers with leasing options are standard trailers, bulk and micro bulk storage systems, vaporizers and delivery tankers. Chart also offers Treatment-as-a-Service options for water treatment customers in addition to remote monitoring services.

Demand for services provided by this segment is being driven by the company’s substantial existing and growing install base, exceptional reputation for high-quality service, breadth of services offered and expanded geographic footprint. Additionally, this segment is benefiting from new long-term agreements being executed that incorporate parts, repair and aftermarket service components not included in prior agreements.


The company markets its products and services in each of its segments throughout the world primarily through direct sales personnel and independent sales representatives, as well as distributors. The technical and custom design nature of the company’s products requires a professional, highly trained sales force. The company uses independent sales representatives and distributors to market its products and services in certain foreign countries and in certain North American regions. These independent sales representatives supplement the company’s direct sales force in dealing with language and cultural matters. The company’s domestic and foreign independent sales representatives earn commissions on sales, which vary by product type.


The company sells its products primarily to gas producers, distributors, and end-users across energy, industrial, power, HVAC and refining applications in countries throughout the world. The company captures clean power, clean water, clean food and clean industrials as its unique offering for the Nexus of Clean.

The company’s sales to particular customers fluctuate from period to period, but the global producers and distributors of hydrocarbon and industrial gases, as well as their suppliers tend to be a consistently large source of revenue for it. The company’s supply contracts are generally contracts for requirements only.

Research and Development

The company incurred research and development costs of $13.5 for the year ended December 31, 2022.


Chart Industries, Inc., a Delaware corporation, was founded in 1859. The company was incorporated in 1992.

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